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What would be the dream of an exquisite table?

Delicious and beautifully arranged food has long been a mark of a high standard and excellent taste. However, a truly exquisite dinner table desires more. It wants an interesting selection of drinks and requires the knowledge of how they should be served. That’s why it’s of great importance that every household possesses a rich arsenal of glasses, allowing for an elegant container for every drink. Thus the exquisite table unites hosts and guests and presents them with unforgettable moments.

Every person who’s ever had to arrange a table knows well that plates are a piece of cake, but the same isn’t valid for the glasses. No self-respecting host would pour wine in a beer glass or brandy in a whiskey glass. Even a quick look at the long list of offers by glass-producing company Glassy Bulgaria shows that there are tens of varieties of glasses. But first: we should be aware of a few fundamental facts.

It’s obligatory that the water glass is a part of every table layout: from the most negligent to the most luxurious. The contemporary requirement for the water glass is that it has a stem, similar to the one of the wine glass, but the water container should also have bigger volume and size. The classic water glass, though, may have the standard cylindrical shape of the Tall Collins or the Highball types. These are suitable for juice, lemonade, and some cocktails, too.

When it comes to wine glasses, one might need almost encyclopedic knowledge. Most commonly, they are made of thin white glass.

The red wine glass has a wide balloon and a narrow upper part. Thus the aromatic vapors are perceived best by the nose. Another reason for this shape is that the liquid can be moved easily around the glass without losing valuable substances and scents. The universal white wine glass is usually smaller. Its main purpose is to concentrate the aromas right above the wine surface. For rosé wines and some sorts of white and sparkling wine, it’s most appropriate to use the tulip type glass – slightly elongated and gently opened at the top. Glasses for dessert wines have a rather different design. Champaign may be served in three ways: in a bowl glass, in a flute glass or in a tulip glass.

Wine glasses are quite significant and the glass assortment which could fulfill the expectations of a truly exquisite table is very rich. It includes a whiskey glass (with either thick walls or thin ones, or even crystal, historically connected to the era of the cowboy bars) and a brandy or cognac glass (with the distinctive short stem allowing one to hold the balloon, thus warming the alcohol and letting the strong aroma be felt by the nose). The offers by Glassy Bulgaria remind us that a memorable dinner may begin and end in various ways, meaning that a wide specter of glasses could find its place on the table: for cocktails, for liqueurs, for beer, or why not something more exotic like ouzo, a refreshing treat like ice-cream or even elegant glasses for hot beverages.

Having enough knowledge and the opportunity to choose just the right glass arsenal, one can let the imagination unwind and create a wonderful dream-table.
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